How do you dry flower and keep their color?

April 29, 2022

DIY Dried Flowers


Everlasting flowers are so hot right now AND they’re a great low-maintenance way to brighten up any space in your home and fill that vase with dried flowers! Unlike fresh flowers, dried arrangements don’t need any water, they don’t wilt and if you care for them properly they can last a very long time which can save you loads of money – not to mention the hassle of regularly buying flowers.

Whilst we are always on hand to make your arrangements from scratch, there are a few simple tips and tricks we want to share with you so that you are empowered to create your own dried flower masterpieces with minimal effort.

So whether you’re looking for a more economical way to jazz up a space by uncovering the best location to secure for Pampas Grass. Or maybe you want to make use of florals that would otherwise end up in the compost, we have you covered.

Here are our Top 5 DIY hacks to making your own bouquets and making sure they last the distance…

Preserved Gum

This Australian native floral can be found almost anywhere in abundance. Keep a keen eye out when you’re driving through bushland areas or parklands – or even strolling through your own backyard. It’s the perfect way to add a little colour and also channel those earthy vibes for your home, cheese platter or event decorations.

Once you’ve found your perfect gum there’s a few things you need to do:

  1. Cut gum to size and remove the bottom of the stem so it can drink the water

  2. Get a bucket and buy some glycerine which can be found through ebay. Make sure you put 2 parts glycerine and 1 part water and let it soak in for anywhere from 2 -10days. Tip: Keep an eye on the colour and if it starts to change too a really dark green it's time to remove the water.
  3. Turning the gum upside down, the stem needs to air dry for 1-2 weeks. Ensure that the airflow is cool and you keep in a dark space away from direct sunlight. 

Air dry Banksias and Billy Buttons

  1. Make sure these are separate not altogether in a bunch. 
  2. Turning the gum upside down, the stem needs to air dry for 1-2 weeks. Ensure that the airflow is cool and you keep in a dark space away from direct sunlight.

Find and prepare Pampas

Make your interior sing with a little more drama with Pampas Grass. You only need a few stalks to jazz up your space and it can really add some simple pizazz whether it’s plain or slightly coloured. For many it can be hard to know where to buy Pampas Grass and it may surprise you that you can generally find Pampas Grass on the side of the road and it can be quite the feature when prepared properly.

So now you’re in the know there is no need to go searching for Pampas Grass for sale any longer!

  1. Using a sharp blade cut off 2 to 3 of the best stems – the bushier the better.

  2. Remove any foliage near the base of the stems and trim to your desired length

  3. Wrap the stems together with wire, string or a rubber band then hang in a cool dry place for 3 weeks

  4. Once dry this little beauty will be fragile so to best preserve make sure you coat them once over with some hair spray or floral protectant which will help them hold together strongly and keep their colours from fading overtime.

Since pampas grass is really only in full bloom a few weeks of the year, it can be hard to source and also time consuming.  So where can you buy pampas grass?


Die your own Bunny Tails

These cute little florals can be found at the beach during summer and scavenging for them can be a great activity in itself – especially if you want to take on a colourful craft project when you get home.

  1. Use Rite Dye (colour chart) can get from them directly or spotlight. We love the color chart, no color missed!

      Watch this video    

  1. Fill jars or buckets with water
  2. Add Rite Dye (as much or as little as you'd like)
  3. Dip bunny tails and let them soak for 5 minutes
  4. Remove and let drain


Dried palm leaves are the quintessential addition to any everlasting flower arrangement because they are strikingly beautiful and bold, and can add much-needed height to really catch an eye.  

  1. Cut the palms of a palm tree
  2. Lay a blanket or a large cloth on the ground in a warm sunny spot
  3. Put a large single palm branch on the cloth.
  4. Allow the sun to naturally dry the palm branch (this could take several days, or even weeks, depending on how much sun the branches get each day)
  5. Cut them to size and voila! Then you can spray paint them to any colour you like

Make sure to check out our stem bar and also our very own DIY kits.

Bunny tails in mustard glass jar on table next styled next to a chair
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