How to chose the perfect everlasting rose colour ?

April 29, 2022

What do red roses, white roses, pink roses, yellow roses and black colors mean?

For centuries roses have been the flower of choice for many romantics who want to show their loved ones just how much they mean to them. Due to their versatility, this popular flower has grown to be more than just the perfect gift for your lover and indeed can signify so much for anyone special in your life. 

They can be bundled into a bouquet for Valentine's Day, broken down for perfumes, and depilated for wedding ceremonies to shower loving couples in a vibrant sea of colour to name a few uses. 

While fresh roses are sweet smelling and beautiful, an everlasting rose is gaining popularity in recent times because they are long-lasting (they can last up to a year without water), durable and look just as gorgeous on day 100 as they do on day one when they are first delivered.

Indeed, if you are looking to pick out the perfect everlasting rose flower arrangement to give that someone special in your life it can be difficult to know what colour to choose depending on the occasion that you need them for.

To help you choose the perfect bunch, we have decoded the meaning behind the best rose colours to choose for any occasion…


Pure, simple, timeless. White roses are commonly associated with marriage and spirituality. They symbolize new beginnings and are a relevant way to honor a friend or loved one. Think of a white bouquet as a way to mark ‘one door opening’ because it can also be seen as a gesture of farewell and hopefulness for the future. They really are the perfect way to say ‘I am thinking of you’ without any pretenses and just radiating the purity of intention.


Sweet, graceful and elegant. A bunch of pink roses can help send a message of gratitude and appreciation. The bright yet subtle colour of pale pink can be used in times of sympathy and admiration – showing up in someone’s life to celebrate their success, share in a joyful moment or tell your sweetheart just how pretty and precious they are to you.


Cheery and full to the brim with comradery – yellow roses are the perfect way to commemorate a friendship and revel in a bit of cheer, whilst also showing your genuine affection for that someone special. Combining the traditional warming colours of the sun and its brightness, no other colour says ‘I care about you’ more than yellow. 


Beautiful and mysterious, black doesn’t always have to mean sombre, sadness, death or mourning. It may not be the first colour that comes to mind when you think of celebrating love and friendship but black roses actually have a place when you’re marking a meaningful event such as a break up or major loss.   It can be impossible to source these black beauties which also makes the act of giving a black rose somewhat magical and mysterious whilst also symbolising a deep love or devotion to something.


Classic, timeless and perfect. You can’t go past the red rose if all you want to say from the bottom of your heart is: “I love you, truly, madly, deeply”. Red stands for passion and giving a bouquet of red roses conveys a simple message to your significant other that you love them unconditionally. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, mark Valentine’s Day or express your unwavering and ultimate love any day of the week you can’t go past this traditional arrangement.

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